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Target1Medical provides premium products and services for Medical Testing and coordinates collection with a concierge approach to supporting physicians, facilities and individuals. Our customers include Employers and Individuals, Nursing Homes, Urgent Care, Pain Management, and Addiction and Rehabilitation Facilities.


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We are a Concierge Laboratory Services company committed to providing the resources that best suit your needs and we selectively choose the companies we represent to insure Platinum Level services and standards. Our Medical Technicians and Associates receive ongoing training and bring the highest level of integrity to the process. 


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Look to Target1Medical for Innovative Diagnostic Solutions for Infectious Disease, Toxicology, Medication Reconciliation/Management and PCR Molecular Tests as well as Ancillary Services. We are proud to offer rapid delivery of the most advanced and reliable solutions for a variety of protocols. 

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Testing

Next Generation Blood-Based Test

The Blood-Based test results will show IGG/IGM Antibodies, indicating the presence of an Active Infection or Past Exposure. Results are usually available in just 24-48 hours.

Swab-Based PCR Test

This test must usually be ordered by a physician and requires a swab inserted into each nostril. It checks PCR for Active Viral Infection. Results are available in 24-48 hours. 


Pharmacogenetics (PGX)

Pharmacogenetics testing provides insight as to a patient's likeliness to experience an adverse reaction or a non-response to a drug.  This test is ordered by a medical professional and includes 50 genes targeting approximately 200 genetic variants that are especially dedicated to drug therapy in pain management, psychiatry, cardiology, neurology, oncology and infectious diseases. 


PCR Molecular Testing

Faster Results Can Lead To Less Antibiotic Resistance. 

These simple, molecular DNA tests support Antibiotic Stewardship by allowing you to quickly identify and diagnose Respiratory Infections, including Covid-19, as well as Urinary, Gastrointestinal and Wound Infections. 

Results are available in as little as 24 hours. 

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Where do we currently offer Coronavirus Testing?

Individual and Group Testing is currently available in and around Phoenix and Tucson, AZ.  Group Testing for Covid-19 is available in other areas around Arizona and across the U.S.  

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